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[ country Girl ]

Skin : LAQ ~ Elena

Hair : Mirai – .+*Jump*+.Blueblack

Skirt : [ Cynful ] Fluffyness Skirt

White Shirt: AOHARU_FrontKnotShirt_White

2 responses to “[ country Girl ]

  1. Mistyglow Czerwiec 26, 2010 o 4:45 pm

    Really love this outfit, it has a sexy side yet clearly country, awesome Job!
    Would love for you to add my blog, yours is already added to mine…

  2. Mistyglow Czerwiec 26, 2010 o 4:46 pm

    woah, that post has only just sent? I sent that ages ago, and now my blog is on your blogroll haha, so sorry!


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